The early childhood years are the most influential time in a child’s life. It is an exciting and important time for the family and the child when they begin the journey to learning. Children are naturally curious and interested in the world around them. For children preschool age, this is a magical time of extraordinary cognitive and emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Combined these early years with an excellent early childhood program and it begins to set a strong foundation for future educational success and social relationships.

     At Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church Preschool, we welcome both children and families into a community and a partnership. We pride ourselves on being a smaller school that can give more individual attention.  This will provide an environment where your child can feel comfortable to express themselves, grow and learn. To truly engage children, we need to pull on their interests. Having smaller classrooms and low student to teacher ratios, allows us to be able to meet individual goals for children while ensuring that their interest is always captured. When children are engaged in activities that they are naturally curious in, learning happens.

     Our preschool offers classes for 3 and 4 year olds. Classes operate Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 12:30. 

     We look forward to having your child and family become part of our “preschool family”. Please come in for a visit. We are nestled in the lovely country atmosphere of southern Chesapeake and enjoy being a smaller school that can devote individual attention to every child. We strive to nurture, to challenge, and to inspire our students on a daily basis.  We love to meet new families and would love to show you around our school. Our wonderful staff is always eager to answers any questions or concerns you may have.